What do giraffes eat?

What do giraffes eat

If you question What do giraffes eat? read this!

Giraffes are herbivorous animals, which means that they feed on plant matter, being large they require large amounts of food daily to nourish their muscular body.

How much does the giraffe eat?

The giraffe consumes between 20 and 35 kilograms of plants daily , a fair amount necessary to maintain their body.

In the dry season they eat about 15 and 20 kilograms, making use of plants all the time.

What do giraffes eat

If you wonder what giraffes eat, it is worth saying that of any type of plants, since they eat more than 100 different types of leaves.

Of course, what you eat will depend on the season in which they are, if it is in the rainy season you can eat different leaves of trees and shrubs.

However, in the dry season when there are few plants they will have to eat some bushes and even grass.

In the latter case, giraffes with longer necks will be a bit compromised since they need to eat more food, in addition, having such a long neck makes it very difficult to get food from the ground.

But despite everything, giraffes maintain a preference for some trees such as acacias, they also tend to feed on:

  • Branches,
  • Fruits,
  • Flores.

Something very particular about giraffes is that despite the fact that they are herbivorous animals, when they see the corpse of an animal they do not hesitate to lick their bones to absorb calcium, an important element for giraffes that have a large bone structure .

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How long do giraffes eat?

There is no specific study that allows us to know how long giraffes eat daily, however, it is known that they spend a good part of their day feeding.

This is because they are ruminants, in fact the largest ruminants in the world.

Note: ruminants are those that digest food several times such as: cows, llamas, camels.

In this way, giraffes spend a good part of their time chewing, digesting and digesting again.

Giraffes also drink a lot of water, which they use to stay hydrated and to manage the large amounts of food they eat daily.

They eat where no other species does

something that differentiates giraffes and what they can get more food for is that they can reach food where others cannot, thanks to their long neck.

In addition, they have a strong palate, tongue and lips that protect them from the thorns of the trees, so they make the most of their size to feed.