Giraffe species

Giraffe species and types

Every giraffes seem to be the same for an inexperienced and unfamant eye of the habitats in which these animals are located, so here we will show you what are the types of giraffes that exist in the world.

So we anticipate that there are 1 species of giraffe and there are about 4 subspecies and within these there are 5 other subspecies, which is a total of 9 types of giraffes.

Now if you’re wondering…

What are the giraffe sub species? 

Here we show you the 4 main subspecies of giraffes:

  • North Jirafa (G. camelopardalis)
  • Relinked Jirafa (G. reticulata) or Somali j giraffe
  • South Jirafa (G. giraffa)
  • Jirafa Masai (G. tippelskirchi)

>Types of giraffes and how to recognize them

The next we’ll show you a little bit about each of the different species of giraffes so you can recognize them in case you go to a zoo or travel to the African savannah.

North Giraffe

Detro of the species of giraffes camelopardalis are several subspecies, however, the most representative of these is the subspecies Peralta, which is known for its beautiful features.

Posee reddish patches divided by white lines, plus their ”horns” are straighter than that of other species, the bad thing about being the most striking is a disadvantage as it is the most threatened of all and is endangered.

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Crosslinked Giraffe

Almether is a unique species, inhabiting southern Ethiopia, Kenya and of course Somalia


Conskable for having polygonal spots with slightly pointed brown edges with red hues, separated by white lines, usually the legs below the knees are usually white or sometimes with spots.

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South Giraffe

Detro of this taxon are two subspecies of giraffes, the angolensis or Angolan and the South African or Giraffa, so let’s talk about the latter that the original species.

This inhabits southeastern Mozambique, southern Zimbabwe, botswana and northern South Africa. most of its spots are rounded and dark brown, while the color of the separation is yellowish/orange.

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Giraffe Masai

In this there are two subspecies, the Giraffe tippelskirchi and the Thornicrofti, the first inhabits Tanzania and Kenyan, while the second inhabits Luangwa, the spots of both are star-shaped or rather irregular, although their color differs from the other.

The color of the spots on the Tippelskirchi is brown and the separation lines are almost golden in hue.

While the spots are brown in The Thornicrofti and the separation lines are more opaque in color.

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