giraffes endangered

Giraffes endangered

Endangered Jirafas

Why are they endangered?

Causes (species of extinct giraffes)

The extinction of species is something we can’t overlook,

The ability of humans to destroy the environment, the other species is almost relentless,

Intheless, the animals are most affected, species that do not have the ability to declare war on humans to prevent us from continuing to destroy them and that they have no choice but to flee and continue to survive.

One of the species of animals that is endangered is the Giraffe or rather, the different species of giraffes, all of these broadly are one of the species close to disappearing from the face of the earth if the measures for their conservation are not taken.

Endangered Giraffes 

Giraffes are one of the animals that thanks to its beauty and large size most people can know them.

In the last, however, are some of the reasons why different types of endangered giraffe species exist.

Subspecies of

Endangered Giraffes

North Giraffes

  • G. c. camelopardalis sin critical danger of extinction.
  • G. c. antiquorum on nbsp; critical extinction paper.
  • Rothschild’s City endangered by IUCN
  • Giraffa camelopardalis peralta in vulnerable state,

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South Giraffe

  • Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa in s vulnerable
  • Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis, in s vulnerable .

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Jirafa Masai

  • Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchii endangered species.
  • Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti species in critical danger.

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Reticulated Giraffe

  •  Giraffe reticicle declared by the IUCN as a that endangered.

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Why are giraffes in danger? Causes

There are several reasons and causes why there are endangered giraffes, all of these have a lot to do with humans and the ability to finish everything in their path.

Below we show you why giraffes are in an alley from which there seems to be no way out to any place other than extinction.


One of the main reasons why different giraffe species are endangered is indiscriminate hunting, this is done for various purposes:

  • Seguid your skin to sell or to make drums and all kinds of clothing.
  • to get your meat for consumption,
  • Use tail-like parts as a fly-killing racket,
  • The giraffe tendons are used as strings of some instruments
  • .

  • In addition to parts such as giraffe legs that are sold as ”crafts” or ”souvenir”.
  • Fairaf sports hunting has also spread, something that directly focuses on the survival of species on the planet.


To get fields for livestock and agriculture one of the most common practices is  the destruction of forests of all kinds.

Including open forests, favorite habitat of giraffes since in this they can find a good amount of food.

Afected when it comes to getting food and having to move to non-historical habitat where they can’t find enough food to survive during the dry season.

Changes in your habitat

The mining and other activities that pollute the environment are also harmful to giraffes from water pollution to damage to their natural habitat are one of the reasons why they are affected by humans.

Conflict Sites

Is known that Africa is a place full of treasures, which are scattered throughout the continent,

Alandd a good number of people for non-legal commercial purposes to enter areas with abundant wildlife to obtain these treasures.

And behind them armies and guerrillas,

Converting the habitats of species such as the giraffe in a war camp where they are affected by armed war conflicts. 

Giraffe conservation measures

National Parks

Protected areas and national parks are one of the best measures to preserve the life of giraffes and save them from extinction in a wild habitat.

The national parks are places where the territory like the different species that inhabit it are untouchable, of course, there are always attempts by hunters to try to make their own.

Park guards and protectors

A good number of park guard groups have been created to save and protect the different endangered species that inhabit wild Africa.

are trained to fight armed robbery any poacher who tries to assault some species,

Foundations to save giraffes

In Africa there are various environmental groups dedicated to promoting and safeguarding the lives of giraffes in their natural habitat, among the activities that these organizations do are:

  • Monitoring of giraffe populations.
  • soze poaching,
  • Reach the historical habitat of the giraffe.
  • Conscience to nearby communities to avoid giraffe hunting and practices that threaten their lives