Giraffe reproduction

A important point for the life and survival of any species is reproduction, in the case of giraffes this biological process is not overlooked, animals that with an average lifespan of 25 years are able to reproduce in the case of females from the age of 4 and males from 6.

Play is a process that requires several stages in the case of giraffes so that a male and a female can mate.

Se takes place mainly in rainy seasons, when there is plenty of water, a nicer temperature and a good amount of food to eat.

How do giraffes reproduce?

Here below  we show you everything you need to know to learn how giraffes are produced.

Fight for females

Giraffes are animals that do not maintain a single pair, because the females prefer to mate with the dominant male, however, in order for the dominant male to be able to earn the herd of females, it must first be measured with the other males.

For this they carry out intense fights in which males collide their necks to mark territory and to stay with the territory and with the possibility of mating with the females.

Normally adult males mate as they are larger than young ones,


After a male wins a battle or positions himself as the dominant male of the herd, choose the giraffes he will match

Male giraffes are demanding in this regard, first test the urine of giraffes to see if it is in mating stage and choose the adults, neither very young nor very old.

Courtship is about head and neck caresses on the female’s body and neck,

Pairing and reproduction of the Giraffe

The male raises the front legs above the back of the female giraffe, still leaning only on its hind legs and thus begin the breeding process.


The breeding phase comes, a process that lasts approximately 14 to 15 months,

Whes the gestation process is complete, the female gives the standing light, dropping the calf that due to nature does not suffer damage during the fall.

This last one will measure between 1.80 or 2 meters at birth and after a few hours is walking and running like any other giraffe.

Playback and Breeding

The mother giraffes join together with other mothers and their young, feeding the little giraffes in periods ranging from 1 month to 1 year.

The calves stay next to the mother until they’re there, they’re going to have a new baby,

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After the cycle is repeated, the males separate from the group and spend a good amount of time alone, until they reach 6 or 7 years to be able to mate.

The females, meanwhile, usually cluster and can mate from the age of 4 years.