giraffe habitat

Giraffes habitat

Giraffes are native to Africa, these usually make their life in the plains, savannahs, open forests  and grasslands. These are divided into species and subspecies which are distributed in different areas of the African continent.

If you want to know where each of the different species of giraffes lives then read on:

Comycome with subspecies of the North Giraffes or G. camelopardalis

Kordofán Giraffe or G. c. Antiquorum

This inhabits northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Northern Cameroon, Central African Republic, and southern Chad.

Used at least two thousand of this subspecies are in the wild and about 65 in captivity within Zoos.

The Giraffe of Nubia, Nubia or G. v. Camelopardalis

Is distributed in several areas of the African continent between: Uganda, Kenya, southwestern Ethiopia and eastern South Sudan, the population of the african continent is above 300 specimens.

Rothschild Giraffe or G. v. Rothschildi

By it inhabits between Kenya and Uganda, it used to inhabit other parts of Africa, however, it appears to have disappeared from these, the population of Rothschild’s Giraffe is about 1000 specimens in the wild and at least 400 in zoos around the world.

The West African Giraffe or G. v. Peralta

This is one of the most endangered giraffe species, found only in a small area southwest of Niger near the river with the same name, the population the Giraffa camelopardalis peralta is below 400 specimens.

On the other hand the crosslinked Giraffe or G. c. Reticulata

Is endemic to southern Ethiopia, Somalia but mainly northeastern Kenya.&

This is one of the giraffes with the highest number of specimens, exceeding 8000 in its natural habitat and another 450 are found in zoos.

The Angolan Giraffe or G. c. Angolensis

Party distribution in different areas: Western Zimbabwe, Northern Namibia and southwestern Zambia, the number of specimens of Angolensis is higher than 13000 in its natural habitat while at least two dozen are found in zoos.

African Giraffe or G. c. Giraffa 

they are found in large populations in different parts of Africa mainly in  northern South Africa, southern Zimbabwe, southwestern Mozambique, and southern Botswana.

The population of the South African Giraffe is one of the most preserved, it is estimated that there are more than 31000 in its natural habitat while less than 50 make their lives in zoos around the world.

By the

Giraffe Masai or G. c. Tippelskirchi 

Hasite in parts of Tanzania and southern and central Kenya, a relatively ”limited” area in which the largest of the populations of Giraffes are located, with the Masai Giraffe having more than 32000 specimens in its historical habitat, while a hundred are found in zoos.

The Giraffe of Thornicroft or Thornicrofti, if limited habitat, as it only lives in a small area east of Zambia known as the Luangwa Valley, there are only about 500 specimens of it in the wild.