giraffe characteristics

Giraffe characteristics

The anatomy of giraffes is exceptional, a wonderful species that can leave us speechless when you see one, about whether it is in its natural habitat.

The most we can see about this from an external view is its size, its long neck and its stains, but here we will describe them for you so that you can  know it better.


If we mean one of the most fascinating aspects of giraffes is their size or their height, of course, there are several species of giraffes so the size of each varies from that of another species.

But on average giraffes have a height of between 4.5 and 6 meters.

Predominating males in terms of height,

The necks reach about 2 meters, while the tail measures up to 1 meter long.


If we talk about weight these giraffes do not fall behind other species of the animal kingdom, since the weight ranges from 550 to 2000 kilograms.

In the case of females weigh between 550 kg and 1200, although the average is about 850 kilograms.

Consperes, males weigh a little more, ranging from 800 to 2000 kilograms in larger specimens, but on average males measure about 1200 kg.

Ossicones Do giraffes have horns or horns?

Thoth we can see when we see a giraffe are the horns on his head, yes those same that look like antennae,

These are actually ossicones, ossified cartilage bumps at the top of the skull


The ”cachos” can be up to 13 centimeters long, and unlike other animals, these are covered by skin.

The female giraffes have these thin and quite fur on the tip of these


While the males have thick, low-haired,

A very good way to distinguish giraffes. 😉 

7 vertebrae in the neck

Thogo that we can not see with the naked eye in the giraffes are the vertebrae of his neck, which we might think has an exaggerated amount of vertebrae and the thing is that…  

For our surprise this one has only 7 vertebrae, yes, like humans,

A rather peculiar feature, however, each of these vertebrae measure up to 28 centimeters, allowing it to have an elongated neck.

Powerful heart

The giraffe is large in size and in order to maintain that body needs large organs, one of these is the heart, which weighs up to 11 kilograms and measures up to 60 centimeters long. 

don’t you think big?

But more surprisingly, according to studies this large heart can pump up to 70 liters of blood per minute, a total pass,


The tongue is one of the remarkable characteristics of this animal, is black and measures up to 50 centimeters long.

A differs from other animals, the giraffe can use its tongue to hold the leaves and branches to be eaten.

In addition, it is well protected to withstand the thorns or branches from which you take your food


Atrothly giraffes’ side is their skin and something that has played against it, as it is one of the most sought after resources by poachers, which has put a good number of giraffes in danger of extinction.

Although many of us think that the skin of giraffes is the same in all, it is not, all species have a different color and patter

The color of the spots ranges from reddish to dark brown, depending on the species, plus the pattern changes considerably.

The color of the separation lines can range from white to orange hues.


Other aspects that we should take into account in giraffes are their eyelashes, something that if we do not notice it at first we can think that giraffes have a flirtatious look.

And the thing is, this is because of their long eyelashes, you have no intention of being flirtatious or looking good, but to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Pues at that height there aren’t many branches or trees under which to take a little shade,