facts about the giraffe

20 Facts about the giraffe

Giraffes are majestic animals that, with their large size, demonstrate how small and harmful we become to other species


But there are certain things that we can’t see with the naked eye and we can’t know just by looking at them, so below we show you some of their characteristics and curious facts about this.

Fun facts and characteristics of giraffes

  • Can measure up to 6 meters in height, although the average is about 4.5 to 5.5 meters.
  • Theythey do not look like fast animals, they are able to run up to 60 km/h.
  • Have 7 vertebrae in his neck (despite being so long) just like humans
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  • on the world’s largest ruminants,
  • Thee feed mainly on acacias, however, they eat up to 100 different types of leaves.
  • The females give birth standing, but calfs do not get hurt and in less than an hour they are already taking the first steps.
  • Fa giraffe pups are about two metres tall,
  • have excellent vision, moreover, with some advantage being higher than any other animal.
  • Even though they seem to have   pooches, they’re actually a lump of cartilage.

There are only 1 species of giraffe and 9 subspecies in total.

  • Ddly few subspecies of giraffes have completely different spot patterns
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  • Sedous dates on giraffes
  • Lengua 50 centimeters of giraffes is black, large size that allows them, among other things, to wipe their faces
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  • Nuch females have a higher average lifespan than males, this is because the latter fight and wear out more
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  • lame the bones they find to get calcium,
  • Inde the same as they seem mute, giraffes communicate with each other just as cows do