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They know giraffes and that is that being a prominent-necked animal, unmistakable skin color and impressive height it is almost impossible not to recognize them.

The giraffe is a mammal that lives in African savannahs yes, it is only found on this continent except for those that are lived in captivity in zoos in different parts of the world .

One of the main giraffe features is its height

and its neck, the latter is longer than that of any other mammal making these a rather peculiar species, particularity that although it has been studied for years still does not have a specific reason why giraffes evolved in this way.

I think it is clear that the giraffe’s neck is a great fortress when it comes to feeding, the giraffe is a herbivorous animal (which plants eat) and with its neck can get food where no other animal can, since his favorite food is found in the high branches of acacia trees.

For an unconsfamating eye of these any specimen with a long neck and a spotted skin is a giraffe, what many do not know is that these are divided into 4 different species and in turn two of these are divided into subspecies, so we have a total of nine types of giraffes inhabiting different parts of the African continent.

All herbivorous animals have another animal above these in the food chain, in the case of giraffes it is not very different, since among the animals that somehow share habitat with it are: lions, crocodiles, leopards and even hyenas. Although giraffes are not an easy adversary for their predators, as it has strong legs with which it can defend against them.

When it comes to communication

Giraffes don’t fall behind even though they always look quiet, these do a cow-like sound to communicate and warn of any danger.

There is nothing more dangerous than a fight between males over the domination of the territory and a group of females, as they usually fight blowing themselves on their long necks until one decides to give in to the other. 

This last can cause fractures in the neck of male giraffes and even death,

Instead, one of the main reasons why there is a great desire for giraffes in addition to fights and predation, is for the human, who is in charge of razing with their natural and historical habitat, to trade with their skin, parts of their body and even to sell them on the black market. This being the reason why Giraffes are endangered and other subspecies are already extinct.

You know

How many giraffes are left in the world?

There are currently only about 91,600 giraffes left worldwide.